Progress Towards Completing This Campaign 100%

In April of 2013 we kicked off this two-year campaign. Our goal was to raise $300,000 in order to be able to afford the down payment for a loan. On April 30, 2015, the campaign came to an end, and it was successful in many ways.

First, while we didn’t raise $300,000, we did raise $250,000 (as of May 18). Those who study these things tell us that reaching this percentage of our goal (83%) is a huge success. The fact that we raised $46,000 more than people pledged reminds us that it’s all the more about God’s hand at work, and not our own efforts.

Other positive events that happened during this time, or are currently in the works: We paid off the current mortgage, allowing us to put that monthly payment into savings, as well. By the end of 2015 we should have sidewalks and lamp posts up on Jones and Division.

We will continue to fight in prayer for the financial provision we need to make what we believe is a God-given vision into a reality. Please continue reading to learn more about the vision God’s given our church for reaching Moses Lake, the Columbia Basin, and beyond.


God has called us to build a COMMUNITY MINISTRY CENTER, and has promised to provide all that we need to do so in order to minister to 1000’s of people in the Columbia Basin. Here are some ways this new building will reflect our vision and values.
THE NEW BUILDING WILL BE ALMOST 30,000 SQ. FT. or almost 3 times the current building, yet, with two stories, it will only have a 120’x150′ footprint.

THE SANCTUARY WILL SEAT ABOUT 600-650 including a balcony area that will seat about 75. The sanctuary will be a multi-purpose space with a platform stage area that will be perfect for music and the arts.

THE CONNECTION HALL right next to the sanctuary will have a movable wall and will be connected to a commercial kitchen facility to host large events. The movable wall will make it possible to host a HOSPITALITY TIME after our services to connect with new people.

The FOYER will be structured in such a way as to encourage connecting with others, with plenty of space, tables, and an Espresso Bar.

THE BATHROOMS, both upstairs and downstairs, will have showers and make it possible to host overnight events for Youth, as well as serve our community as an emergency shelter in case of disaster.


CLASSROOMS FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS – We will have plenty of classroom space for every age group on Sunday’s. During the week, these rooms will be open for a variety of uses, from GRACE Groups to prayer meetings.

OUR NURSERY will be a safe, spacious place that parents will feel comfortable leaving their children at in order to worship the Lord without distraction.

SWITCHED YOUTH CENTER – The youth of GHC will have their own space to hang out and worship God, with seating for 150-200. There will also be classrooms around the main hall to host breakout groups or small groups if necessary.

OFFICES AND COUNSELING AREAS – The new building will have plenty of space for future staff growth and some areas that can be used for counseling as well.

DEDICATED PRAYER ROOM – We have designed a dedicated prayer room that can be accessed from outside so people can come and seek God at any time day or night. The prayer room will have one-way glass into the sanctuary and will provide a place for people to pray and intercede during our services throughout the week.


We see our new building and property as a place to launch out from into our City, Region and world! We see it as a place that can minister God’s love and grace to the neighborhood and school system. The location is right in the middle of a residential neighborhood and very close to several schools. We are so excited about being able to REACH OUT to people all around us. We want to use this building as a place of refuge for people in need!