For many years, the pastors involved in the Moses Lake Ministerial Association have sensed the need for a coordinated effort in meeting the benevolent needs within our community. On a daily basis hurting and needy people “drop in” to the many churches in Moses Lake, seeking help for their various financial and physical needs. The pastors wanted to help all of them, but often, due to ignorance of what is available or ignorance of what other churches were doing – or both – people were being missed, temporary “band-aids” were being applied, and/or somebody’s poor choices were being encouraged unintentionally. Out of this need, Serve Moses Lake (SML) was born.

The heart and soul of SML is a team of trained and caring volunteers who carefully assess each person that enters the Serve Moses Lake office. Time is spent to gain an understanding of each persons story. After an initial assessment is done, a plan will be determined that will best meet the needs of each person. The plan could well include help from the various social agencies in town (food bank, housing authority, etc…). The staff and volunteers at SML will be familiar with the support these agencies can provide.

But we don’t want the assistance to end there. The goal, as we’ve said, is that people receive help from the local church. This often will mean referring people back to the church they initially visited for help. Only now, the leadership at that church will have confidence that a thorough assessment has been done. The person in need is now coming to them, voucher in hand, with a clearly defined need…and a plan to meet that need. So the church (or multiple churches) works together to meet a need, to be Jesus to that hurting and needy person. In so doing, they may be planting or watering a seed that may eventually produce the fruit of a person surrendering their life to Christ.

It is a great picture of the Body of Christ in a larger community working together to meet needs (see Matthew 25:31-46). It is a wonderful way for the “right hand” to know what the “left hand” is doing.

Whether you’re 14 or 40 years old, an unplanned pregnancy can be a scary thing for both the mom and the dad. If you’re rejected by somebody because of it, the circumstances become that much scarier. Crossroads Resource Center exists to help people with unplanned pregnancies respond in healthy ways to the news. They offer a wide variety of services: pregnancy testing and an ultrasound; help getting prenatal and postnatal care; they even offer parenting lessons. In addition, for those who have had an abortion and are now feeling its painful effects to their heart, Crossroads offers counseling and help. Most importantly, they offer all this along with the hope of Christ.

After starting as a volunteer in 2014, Todd took over the leadership of Moses Lake Youth Dynamics (MLYD) in May of 2015. However, his youth ministry experience goes all the way back to 1993. Todd grew up in Moses Lake. He’s been married to Hannah since 1992, and they have three kids, Sam, Emma, and Owen. Todd moved his family to Moses Lake to put down roots for his family in the town he grew up in and still calls home. Todd finds a variety of ways to spend time with students outside the MLYD office, including volunteering at the high school during lunch every day. In addition, MLYD has weekly meetings during the school year that draws many students into the local youth center to shoot hoops, shoot pool, shoot-the-breeze, or – most importantly – to hear about Jesus from Todd and his team. Todd is excited about what God is doing in the youth of Moses Lake, and encourages people to consider not just supporting YD, but getting involved in some way. You can check out the Moses Lake YD Facebook Page for more information about MLYD and what God’s doing there in the lives of teenagers.