Global Missions



 Mountain Hope Children’s Home

In 1998, GHC began a regular outreach to the beautiful tropical nation of the Philippines through short-term mission trips and the support of a children’s home . Since that time, we have taken teams on several different occasions to equip Filipino pastors and their leaders through conferences, seminars, and teaching in local churches. The latest of these trips was in the fall of 2014. We have also had an impact on the young people of the Philippines through youth conventions and the sponsoring of children at MOUNTAIN HOPE CHILDREN’S HOME.

The friendships we have developed have been deep and lasting as we have connected with great national church leaders like Pepe and Margie Mayyam, Peter and Loreta Mayyam, Ruben and Evelyn Mayyam, and a number of other leaders and networks throughout the Northern Island of Luzon. We have had the privilege of helping to build a number of churches and see many salvations, healings, miracles and wonderful works of God.

Pastor Pepe Mayam was a pillar of the Philippine church, and many at GHC were privileged to have known him, not only through their visits to the Philippines, but also through his visits here. We joined with the Mayyam family and the Philippine Church in mourning his passing in July of 2011, and thank God for his amazing legacy there in Luzon.  His daughter, Amy Mayyam, now leads Bible Christian Fellowship (BCF), an organization dedicated to serving Filipino pastors.


Zimbabwe Outreach Extended

missionary-hardingDan and Yvonne Harding are dear friends who have a great big heart for the children of Africa, and specifically the children of the nation of Zimbabwe. Recognizing the tragedy of HIV/AIDS and the power of child-like faith, the Harding’s have concentrated their missionary efforts on reaching children, training teachers and parents, and developing a curriculum that can be effectively used in many parts of Southern Africa.

Dan and Yvonne have been local church pastors in the USA, served in several ministry support roles, and now lead the ministry of Z.O.E., which stands for ZIMBABWE OUTREACH EXTENDED. They also have created SMILE Village, and work with their local church in Zimbabwe to lead Victory Learning Center.  Dan and Yvonne are passionate about Africa and its children. For more information about what God is doing through Dan and Yvonne, including newsletters and pictures, please visit Z.O.E.’s web site.


Youth With A Mission (YWAM), East London

Nathan Sperry grew up in Moses Lake, WA, where his parents are members of Grace Harvest Church. He originally came to England in 2010 as a missionary, with the band ‘Evergreen’, which ended in 2012.

During his time with Evergreen, Nathan met Lucie, who is from England. Nathan and Lucie have a heart for women caught in the sex trade and the homeless of London, and they were married in June, 2013.

Nathan and Lucie live in the East End of London. Their aim is to pioneer a ministry – in partnership with their church – to the vulnerable and lonely in East London. Nathan is working part time with their church overseeing all the worship, and the rest of his time is spent working with a YWAM ministry in London to minister to the homeless. Lucie is currently studying art with the hope to pursue art therapy.


Ministers’ Fellowship International


“Ministers Fellowship International exists to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships among member ministers, equipping and enabling them to be more effective in their callings, for the purpose of building and multiplying strong local churches around the world.

MFI is not a denomination. It is a fellowship. For this reason, MFI does not credential ministers, hold church properties or maintain a central mission board. All of these are functions of the local church. MFI exists for the support of local church ministers and their churches.”
(From MFI’s Ministry Philosophy Page on their website)

GHC supports the MFI Vision Offering every month.  This fund goes to planting and sustaining churches, pastors, and church leaders around the world.